Animation Attempt

First attempt at animation. Frame by frame, at 6 frames per second.

Actually, it has not been a good idea to check out my dashboard before uploading this. With all the amazing animations that people do and upload, now I feel quite ashamed… But well, let’s be glad there are amazing people sharing wonders around the Internet to learn from!

Back to the Faculty of Adventures

Tomorrow I return again to FIB, the Faculty of Informatics where I was for long time and I left seeking for fortune and glory. As fortune and glory are a mere illusion for people to spend their lives chasing chimeras, trusting on the nonexistent and relying on the unworthy, I return to where I belonged all along, to do Science and Wonders again.

I thought this would be a good occasion to rescue a drawing I had in my oldies folder since last year. I thought to redraw it entirely as I don’t like anything I draw from yesterday, but better release it now.

Reference for The Flower Kings HERE (they are awesome and love!)

I am Back In The Faculty of Adventures!

This is a test!

Hello world (from this multiversal timeline). This is a test!


Testing testing…

One, two, three…

Does this even appear in the timeline? What if this “timeline” is actually an alternate timeline? Do I belong to it? I mean… Did I perform the precise decisions, produced by the quantum-supposedly-random atomic reactions from chemical substances in my brain capable of producing electrical impulses determining what my neural network will output, to belong to the timeline now displayed? The answer is: YES.

So, I should change the title of this post to “Hello world (from this multiversal timeline)”. But how! I already did it! Could this mean that it was changed by my decision from another time-loop or universe shift, so all this conversation should have never happened, becoming this post a singularity in space and time?!

In that case, this is a test of a tumblr post.