Barbarian Story (p4)

Back again, having some time to do stuff! I have more pages in mind! Also lots of comics in mind! And most of them about science and geeky stuff! Because, hey… why not!

About this comic, I plan to make a full story. At this time this is just the preface. Also I still have no definitive title, so I appeal for any comment about it.

A reveure!

Barbarian Story

Provisional title: “Finding Home”

I’ve spent these vacation days to draw some test pages for a possible comic. The idea is “what if suddenly the hero decides to quit in the middle of a quest”.

Once a friend of mine (Romà) divided people in “spacers” and “medievals”. I am a “spacer”, as I like futuristic stuff over medieval stuff. But for once, I decided to do a “medieval” story! (I bet something that in brief it is full of futuristic stuff…)

Here there are 3 out of 4 pages, last one still in production. I wanted to post them before new year, but I didn’t reach such deadline for all 4 pages 🙁 Also I still want to draw a strip for my regular web-comic.

Finally: Happy new year everybody!