Sixtoe Stand – Concluding the Adventure

Ellora the Badger, Quinn the Wolf and Taka the Hawk could solve (most of) the trouble at Sixtoe Stand, being able to avoiding the fateful resolution for the Ochrepaws and Snouts, suspecting always of Bernadette (poor dear, she was innocent), without the village ending on fire and without having to run for their lives at the end.

Therefore, more fan-art of the RPG sessions here, with what happened (without spoilers) in the mountain village for the second half of the adventure:

Next adventure: The Coolclaw Mines!

Sixtoe Stand – A Root-RPG adventure

Ellora the Badger and Quinn the Wolf survived the Hookfoot Bog, paying the price of being captured by `One-Legged` Sal’s gang. After the encounter with Taka the Ronin (new character entering the adventure), they end stranded in the Sixtoe Stand, a village under the siege of a vicious wolf pack. Only the descendants of Kaylan Sixtoe can keep the village safe.

Hookfoot Bog – How it went…

The adventurers (Ellora the Badger and Quinn the Wolf) had an intense ‘finale’ at the Hookfoot Bog.

So, more fan-art of the RPG play (and from Root RPG characters) here, with what happened (without spoilers) in the bog the second half of the adventure:

Hookfoot Bog – How it is going…

So far, the adventurers (Ellora the Badger and Quinn the Wolf) had put themselves in interesting situations.

I’m not going to relate the game, first because it is extremely boring to hear someone else’s RPG game unless they are that guy from Critical Roll, or Spencer Crittenden, or the ones from Dungeons & Daddies. But I’m going to upload the game fan-art I did from our characters, to keep that here!

As a bonus, a rough detail of One-Legged Sal, as petition from one of our adventurers.

Pellenicky Glade

For the past months, we’ve been playing the starter campaign of “Root RPG” named “Pellenicky Glade”, in which I, as the Dungeon Meowster, have been the players trying to solve the assassination of the clearing’ mayor, Alton Goshawk.

An interesting thing of Root RPG is that it does not have to be a “constant-battle” game, but you can drive players into a world-exploring scenario, and interact with all characters without fighting as the only action.

So, I had to draw some fan-art of the game characters here…