Sixtoe Stand – Concluding the Adventure

Ellora the Badger, Quinn the Wolf and Taka the Hawk could solve (most of) the trouble at Sixtoe Stand, being able to avoiding the fateful resolution for the Ochrepaws and Snouts, suspecting always of Bernadette (poor dear, she was innocent), without the village ending on fire and without having to run for their lives at the end.

Therefore, more fan-art of the RPG sessions here, with what happened (without spoilers) in the mountain village for the second half of the adventure:

Next adventure: The Coolclaw Mines!

The Cartoons

The Cartoons, that band from the 90′s and early 2000′s came back to my music lists. And this time, instead of just listening to their music, I’m able to UNDERSTAND (how frisky were) their lyrics!

What 20 years ago were a bunch of childish and catchy tunes for somebody not speaking English, today they turned to me a set of cool songs with a “kinky” double-meaning or easily misunderstandable. Here at catalan and spanish radio stations, songs were played without anyone paying attention, also put to elementary school children as music for school trips parties, so who would suspect?!

From songs like “Big Coconuts” (”uh aiah, boys get so hot when they see a coconut”), to “Yoko” (”Got her own sweet flavor, when I go down low” -> yes, it is about “eating carpet”), passing through “Little Red Riding Hood” (just use your imagination, guys!) and “Chirp Chirp Cheep Cheep“ (with its orgasming chorus). Not forgetting the clip for “Witch Doctor”, where The Cartoons enter into a tampon microphone rocket-ship to fly towards a vag hangar gate in Toon Town, because “All-right! Ooo eee ooo ah ah…!”.

I completed the drawing with a comic, but discovered that is was enough NSFW for Tumblr (I want to keep this clean for now). So I put it in my blog >>>HERE (+18)<<<.

Good night everybody, peoples of Tumblr.