Doomed World

Meanwhile I’m copying stuff to private blogs, I discovered “the brushes” on Clip Studio Paint (It was about time!) Then I did some sketch using the Surface (I’m not much used to it…).

I think I already stated in the past: I quite like boardgames, and recently learned to play “Roll for the Galaxy”.

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Starla Bunny vs Garibaldi the 3rd

Starla Bunny vs. Garibaldi the 3rd – Starla, the professional board-gamer and mystery detective in Barcelona 1929′s Universal Exposition, is challenged by her nemesis, Garibaldi the 3rd, fascist spy for Mussolini and traitor to the Catalan Separatists. Thanks to “Zombie Dices”, she discovers The Truth! Also throwing dices while roman-saluting makes dices to roll off the table. And that’s annoying.

Starla Bunny

Starla Bunny – Some silly concept/thing I thought two days ago: During the Barcelona Universal Exposition in 1929, the professional boardgamer Starla solves crimes, mysteries, and helps the separatists and republicans to overthrow the fascist directorate. She gets involved in secret plots to destabilize the Society of Nations, plans to start the second World War before time, and arranged tournaments of UNO. She doesn’t date anybody who can’t beat her in a game of Puerto Rico.

Test Sketches

Just sketches of Anne and Steffy, to practice a little bit their body-shapes. I searched in Google “dancing woman”, and photos appeared…

(Steffy’s fluffy tail can’t be seen, as it’s behind her. Even though, there’s that impulse to draw a little bit of it showing, and it would be totally wrong!!!)

[Edited: Updated Steffy image with a correction of a ‘more reasonable’ head-body proportion]

The Museum of the (Semi-decidable) Automatas

The Museum of the (Semi-decidable) Automatas – YES, THIS IS A NERD JOKE! AND A VERY SILLY ONE!

Half life on computer sciences weirds your sense of humor…

(TMYK: A cabinet like that greets you at the Tibidabo Automaton Museum in Barcelona)

About Undertale

Ziritrion insisted that I should play this Undertale game. There was so much hype that I dismissed it for a long time…

Then awesome game art (and fan-art) arrived and I gave it a try…

Finally I couldn’t update my web-comic because I spent last evenings playing exhaustively Undertale in True Pacifist mode and thinking a lot about it later.

Dragon Transport

Dragon Transport – Recently discovered Drawception (an on-line drawing game. Look for it!), and I had to illustrate the caption “Dragon Transport“. I loved the concept, and after drawing it in a really clumsy way I felt like redrawing it again, this time with no chronometer running. I think I never draw a dragon before.

Imitate and Improve!

Imitate and Improve! – Sometimes when I go into The Internets, I find cool pictures/art that I’d like to be able to draw. I save those and try to imitate or reproduce by tracing or drawing “side-by-side”, also putting my characters in such poses.

Obviously the results are far better than me just sketching from zero, as I left my senses of proportion and symmetry at work. An important thing to keep in mind when imitating from real (or even drawn) pictures is that “furries” have bigger head-to-body proportions so they become more cartoonish, escaping from the “uncanny valley” effect. I spend big time adjusting the size of the head to not seem stupidly big or disturbingly human sized. Further, sometimes the result must be plumped or rounded, for the same purposes.

The originals were found in 4chan boards, 1 and 3 from “casual girl” photos and 2 from a drawing of an artist called Kasutaso.

The Cartoons

The Cartoons, that band from the 90′s and early 2000′s came back to my music lists. And this time, instead of just listening to their music, I’m able to UNDERSTAND (how frisky were) their lyrics!

What 20 years ago were a bunch of childish and catchy tunes for somebody not speaking English, today they turned to me a set of cool songs with a “kinky” double-meaning or easily misunderstandable. Here at catalan and spanish radio stations, songs were played without anyone paying attention, also put to elementary school children as music for school trips parties, so who would suspect?!

From songs like “Big Coconuts” (”uh aiah, boys get so hot when they see a coconut”), to “Yoko” (”Got her own sweet flavor, when I go down low” -> yes, it is about “eating carpet”), passing through “Little Red Riding Hood” (just use your imagination, guys!) and “Chirp Chirp Cheep Cheep“ (with its orgasming chorus). Not forgetting the clip for “Witch Doctor”, where The Cartoons enter into a tampon microphone rocket-ship to fly towards a vag hangar gate in Toon Town, because “All-right! Ooo eee ooo ah ah…!”.

I completed the drawing with a comic, but discovered that is was enough NSFW for Tumblr (I want to keep this clean for now). So I put it in my blog >>>HERE (+18)<<<.

Good night everybody, peoples of Tumblr.