From the Files of Marquisate!

And I’m back around, having a bit of time to draw this “fan-art of many things”. I wanted to rescue the character of Starla Bunny “Professional Boardgamer and Mystery Solver”, putting her in a silly scene from a classic ZAZ movie, in a famous boardgame. Just to mention that I’m into boardgames now.

Starla Bunny (Three Dragons)

Starla Bunny and the Mystery of the Three Dragons – Starla Bunny solves another mystery, but some truth must be kept from authorities, to let the resistance defeat the regime!

The Castle of the Three Dragons is nowadays the last standing building of the 1888’s Universal Exposition. For the first exposition in Barcelona (1888), the Spanish military citadel, built to bomb the city of Barcelona periodically, was finally leveled and converted in a modernist (art nouveau) park with pavilions to host the exposition. After the exposition, most of the buildings were demolished, but this one remained as the City’s Museum of Natural History. The second exposition, in 1929, was held in the mountain of Montjuïc, in brand new pavilions. This story happens around that time.

Starla Bunny vs Garibaldi the 3rd

Starla Bunny vs. Garibaldi the 3rd – Starla, the professional board-gamer and mystery detective in Barcelona 1929′s Universal Exposition, is challenged by her nemesis, Garibaldi the 3rd, fascist spy for Mussolini and traitor to the Catalan Separatists. Thanks to “Zombie Dices”, she discovers The Truth! Also throwing dices while roman-saluting makes dices to roll off the table. And that’s annoying.

Starla Bunny

Starla Bunny – Some silly concept/thing I thought two days ago: During the Barcelona Universal Exposition in 1929, the professional boardgamer Starla solves crimes, mysteries, and helps the separatists and republicans to overthrow the fascist directorate. She gets involved in secret plots to destabilize the Society of Nations, plans to start the second World War before time, and arranged tournaments of UNO. She doesn’t date anybody who can’t beat her in a game of Puerto Rico.