Just a tribute

Koopa, a friend of mine from the Faculty, who used to draw stuff on the Internets, decided to conclude his web-comic HTZ (www.htzcomic.com) after many years of almost daily strips. Time and regular jobs have no mercy on people with these kind of hobbies. His stuff will be missed!

I always wanted to draw a collaboration or send him something like this, attempting a Koopa-style JRS strip, but never had time. Now I have an excuse and an obligation.

This is not the best strip in the world, it’s just a tribute.

The Bears

The Bears – So… I did a silly thing again! I love the “We Bare Bears” show, and I couldn’t help myself to prevent merging the show with “Seinfeld”…


P.D.: The joke about the trials to be a man can be summarized as “To be a man you must climb the mountain, slay the bear on the top, come back down, and get laid with an old lady. All contestants go up, slay the bear, come down, and get laid with the old lady. But the last goes up and doesn’t come down until a week after. When arriving he says ‘where’s the granny I must slay?’…”

Doomed World

Meanwhile I’m copying stuff to private blogs, I discovered “the brushes” on Clip Studio Paint (It was about time!) Then I did some sketch using the Surface (I’m not much used to it…).

I think I already stated in the past: I quite like boardgames, and recently learned to play “Roll for the Galaxy”.

(Also, my new Twitter: https://twitter.com/SenseTomaquet )

Created a Twitter account!

OK, so… I created a Twitter account, that will run in parallel to my Tumblr blogs, in case this finally goes south. I’ll keep Tumblr running until THE END©, or until I get shot down for any reason.

My dear readers (bots included): I’ll keep posting stuff and receiving replies here at Tumblr as always. But just in case that, follow me on twitter:

HERE => https://twitter.com/SenseTomaquet

The account is brand new, and soon I’ll start to pour the contents, for both SenseTomàquet and JRS-Comics!!!

Also, I still have my self-hosted Home-Blog for JRS in Spanish, and I’ll probably back-up the Tumblr content into another blog at “Home-Blog”.
HERE => https://www.maiuscentral.com/jrs

Finally, in case I decide to open an account in popular and stable social networks (e.g. deviantart or furaffinity), I’ll tell you!

Thanks for your attention, and have a good night.

Now you are a squirrel girl! (Part 2)

Now you are a squirrel girl! (Part 2) – Anger and rejection moments (in case you weren’t a squirrel, or a girl, or really curvy).

This comes from this other post HERE, where I drew some surprise and denial shots from the awakening shock of a guy turned into a curvy squirrel girl. The next step was the anger and rejection towards that situation that she couldn’t understand and didn’t want to understand.

Note: Again, to protect you, my dear viewers, from the vision of naked furry girls, and keep this place SFW, I “bikinized” and covered those parts that showed delicate pieces of anatomy.

Now you are a squirrel girl!

All yours!

Surprise reaction poses (in case you weren’t a squirrel, or a girl, or really curvy).

I wanted to draw more pose and reaction stuff, and I started a series with the awakening shock of a guy turned into a curvy squirrel girl, passing through the those “stages of grief” (“surprise”, “denial”, “anger”, “bargain”, “sadness”, “acceptance”, …). Here’s the surprise and denial ones to begin with.

I stumbled some time ago with a panel from a guy called Terai Daikichi with the first reaction pose (Pixiv: https://bit.ly/2l3QwVz), and I wanted to “furry it up”. Then I did some homework going through the Internet across media and fanfiction, and discovered that this “gender/body/identity swap” topic is actually an extremely popular genre, far from popular shows and movies like “Ranma ½”, “Your name”, “Freaky Friday”, etc. Finally I got lost inside tvtropes reading about this topic and related tropes.

Note: To protect you, oh viewers, from the vision of naked furry girls, and keep this place SFW, I “bikinized” those panels with complete nudity.

Tests and poses for Steffy

I did this some time ago as a drawing exercise for Steffy and the other JRS girls, but I didn’t dare to post it yet because in the originals the girls are naked. And I don’t want to give Tumblr an excuse to flag this blog, so I ended giving some bikinis and swimsuits to Steffy. I still have pending to dress Anne and Regina.

I actually had a caption for each pose, but unfortunately those would fall into the “+18” domain. So I’ll let those for readers to imagine their own…

For some of the poses, I got references from art drawn by great artists like Spazzykoneko, Jay Naylor or PurpleYoshi. #citeyoursources