Sixtoe Stand – Concluding the Adventure

Ellora the Badger, Quinn the Wolf and Taka the Hawk could solve (most of) the trouble at Sixtoe Stand, being able to avoiding the fateful resolution for the Ochrepaws and Snouts, suspecting always of Bernadette (poor dear, she was innocent), without the village ending on fire and without having to run for their lives at the end.

Therefore, more fan-art of the RPG sessions here, with what happened (without spoilers) in the mountain village for the second half of the adventure:

Next adventure: The Coolclaw Mines!

Squirrel Shopping (Part 1)

I had no time to do anything useful these days, except for some squirrel stuff.

Here, Andy requires some new clothing after the shocking change, so his… (Andy still considers himself as a “he”…) … his friends take him to the shopping mall. Benz and Magnum lead the expedition for comfortable curvy-sized lingerie, and show their total support towards Andy.

From the Files of Marquisate!

And I’m back around, having a bit of time to draw this “fan-art of many things”. I wanted to rescue the character of Starla Bunny “Professional Boardgamer and Mystery Solver”, putting her in a silly scene from a classic ZAZ movie, in a famous boardgame. Just to mention that I’m into boardgames now.