Hookfoot Bog – How it is going…

So far, the adventurers (Ellora the Badger and Quinn the Wolf) had put themselves in interesting situations.

I’m not going to relate the game, first because it is extremely boring to hear someone else’s RPG game unless they are that guy from Critical Roll, or Spencer Crittenden, or the ones from Dungeons & Daddies. But I’m going to upload the game fan-art I did from our characters, to keep that here!

As a bonus, a rough detail of One-Legged Sal, as petition from one of our adventurers.

Pellenicky Glade

For the past months, we’ve been playing the starter campaign of “Root RPG” named “Pellenicky Glade”, in which I, as the Dungeon Meowster, have been the players trying to solve the assassination of the clearing’ mayor, Alton Goshawk.

An interesting thing of Root RPG is that it does not have to be a “constant-battle” game, but you can drive players into a world-exploring scenario, and interact with all characters without fighting as the only action.

So, I had to draw some fan-art of the game characters here…

Squirrel Shopping (Part 1)

I had no time to do anything useful these days, except for some squirrel stuff.

Here, Andy requires some new clothing after the shocking change, so his… (Andy still considers himself as a “he”…) … his friends take him to the shopping mall. Benz and Magnum lead the expedition for comfortable curvy-sized lingerie, and show their total support towards Andy.

From the Files of Marquisate!

And I’m back around, having a bit of time to draw this “fan-art of many things”. I wanted to rescue the character of Starla Bunny “Professional Boardgamer and Mystery Solver”, putting her in a silly scene from a classic ZAZ movie, in a famous boardgame. Just to mention that I’m into boardgames now.