DnD Adventure Journal (Part 1)

I’ve been playing DnD recently, and my character Linden (a Tabaxi, Cat-Folk) has a notepad to take notes and sketch the adventure… So this had to happen! The adventure records will be all NITW style…ish

Those are from the 1st session (if we can consider a “session” on a Discord asynchronous play). Players/Characters arrive and present themselves, also the bad guys.

Now you are a squirrel girl! Scene #3.5

Oh… dang!

Third (point five) scene of the “Squirrel Girl awakening”, continuation of the third scene. “This… is me… now?” moment. Here’s the normal and NSFW version (I should find a plugin to hide by default and show by demand the second version Fixed).

I’m keeping on the “study” on poses and scenes, at my own pace (as life dictates day by day). I’m going to prepare the fourth scene, as a continuation in the kind of “conformation/desperation/confusion”.

See you soon!

Now you are a squirrel girl! Scene #3.4

Oh my…. Oh My…! OH MY…! UH…!

Third (point four) scene of the “Squirrel Girl awakening”, continuation of the third scene. She’s just checking her new reality!

I had this ready since a month, but couldn’t have time to set up the images. Also, I don’t know how to draw clothes, and I spent too much time with that! Here’s the clothed and unclothed version.

I addition, I’m publishing scene 3.5 in the next post!


Hi! A few days ago there was the 12th aniversary of JRS, and for the 10th, Fubu sent me a “paint-work” 9999Km long. As I didn’t know how to publish it at that moment, I postponed it, as I’m a horrible person, I forgot it!

Today I recovered it, and made it “into pieces” so I can publish it in hundred million tweets. Let me present you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That’s Fubu! 😀 (Thanks, and sorry for being almost 2 years late!!!)

Now you are a squirrel girl! Scene #3.3

What AM I now?! This can’t be real!

Third (point three) scene of the “Squirrel Girl awakening”, continuation of the third scene. She still can’t believe what happened nor what she’s seeing/feeling!

Wanted to post it two months ago, but every time I saw it I felt to change dimensions and things! So now, that’s how it remains. Here’s the two versions, clothed and unclothed. And I’m drawing a fourth, and I hope it won’t take that much time to publish…! (Sorry!)

See you all! :3

Remastering “Pray for Lenny”

Pray for Lenny (2020)

This is one of my favorites I ever made. JRS characters as a band (“PfL”) on prom night. Actually, they do clumsy covers of Dance Hall Crashers, the Interrupters and Save Ferris. Their tentative CD was called “This is NOT a Special K”.

During this confinement I’ve been revisiting old drawings (also those ones with the squirrel girl) to remaster or fix. And yesterday, during a group telecom with friends, I colored this, made some changes, also renewed the header of my Twitter account with it!

P.D.: Link of original Pray for Lenny HERE.