Misadventure May (Part 8)

Misadventure May, Days 29 to 31

Last round of the #MisadventureMay [1] (all on my Twitter account now!)

These are the ones for day 29 to 31:

  1. Magic Loot
  2. Magic Fountain of Health
  3. Time for a Well Deserved Rest!!

Also, I still had an empty square to fill (then have a round number, because 32 is a round number). So I did a closing figure. I liked these characters and I’ll use them in more stuff! 😀

[1] “Matt’s Art Prompt 2”, from mattydraws @ twitter

Misadventure May (Part 1)

Misadventure May, Days 01 to 04

Hi everyone! I’m doing the #MisadventureMay [1] on my Twitter account, attempting to post a picture per day!

These are he ones for day 01 to 04:

  1. The Adventurer protagonist
  2. The Companion
  3. Overlooking the Kingdom
  4. The Kingdom Banner

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[1] “Matt’s Art Prompt 2”, from mattydraws @ twitter

Now you are a squirrel girl! Scene #2 (revisited)

Surprise! You are indeed a big squirrel girl!
Surprise! You are a NSFW post now!

Second scene of the “Squirrel Girl awakening”, fixing the tail, head sizes, also adding different clothes (I definitively can’t draw clothes…), etc. If I don’t publish now I’ll keep fixing stupid details… As I’m already messing with the continuity of the story, here are two versions, with clothes and without.

The first version was published here (Check HERE). And I’m working now on fixing the third scene.