Tests and poses for Steffy

I did this some time ago as a drawing exercise for Steffy and the other JRS girls, but I didn’t dare to post it yet because in the originals the girls are naked. And I don’t want to give Tumblr an excuse to flag this blog, so I ended giving some bikinis and swimsuits to Steffy. I still have pending to dress Anne and Regina.

I actually had a caption for each pose, but unfortunately those would fall into the “+18” domain. So I’ll let those for readers to imagine their own…

For some of the poses, I got references from art drawn by great artists like Spazzykoneko, Jay Naylor or PurpleYoshi. #citeyoursources

Test Sketches

Just sketches of Anne and Steffy, to practice a little bit their body-shapes. I searched in Google “dancing woman”, and photos appeared…

(Steffy’s fluffy tail can’t be seen, as it’s behind her. Even though, there’s that impulse to draw a little bit of it showing, and it would be totally wrong!!!)

[Edited: Updated Steffy image with a correction of a ‘more reasonable’ head-body proportion]