Test Sketches

Just sketches of Anne and Steffy, to practice a little bit their body-shapes. I searched in Google “dancing woman”, and photos appeared…

(Steffy’s fluffy tail can’t be seen, as it’s behind her. Even though, there’s that impulse to draw a little bit of it showing, and it would be totally wrong!!!)

[Edited: Updated Steffy image with a correction of a ‘more reasonable’ head-body proportion]

Imitate and Improve!

Imitate and Improve! – Sometimes when I go into The Internets, I find cool pictures/art that I’d like to be able to draw. I save those and try to imitate or reproduce by tracing or drawing “side-by-side”, also putting my characters in such poses.

Obviously the results are far better than me just sketching from zero, as I left my senses of proportion and symmetry at work. An important thing to keep in mind when imitating from real (or even drawn) pictures is that “furries” have bigger head-to-body proportions so they become more cartoonish, escaping from the “uncanny valley” effect. I spend big time adjusting the size of the head to not seem stupidly big or disturbingly human sized. Further, sometimes the result must be plumped or rounded, for the same purposes.

The originals were found in 4chan boards, 1 and 3 from “casual girl” photos and 2 from a drawing of an artist called Kasutaso.