Warner Test 001

“In nineteen ninety-three, the Faculty of Informatics in Barcelona (FIB) commissioned a cartoon portraying their students. It should treat FIBers (most of them men) and their relations with other faculties like Business Administration (ADE, most of the women) in a comedic way. Unfortunately, most of the demo sketches were full of furry pornography, and were deliberately destroyed in a fire, without anyone having seen the originals. Until today, when some of those sketches were found unburnt!”

(I just tried some “warner bros” / ”90′s” style on JRS characters. Sorry.)

Comic idea and sketch

I had an idea for a story the other day: A typical story of barbarians and wizards, full of topics and cliches, but the hypertrophied protagonist decides to quit and so everyone with a classic role gets bent as the story can not progress as expected.

I already started a 3 page intro (and I have a lack of “backgrounds” technique… should research).

By the way, Happy Christmas/Festivity!