Barbarian Story (p6)

“Am I alone now?” Last page of the preface!

The next pages of this story will be “chapter one”! But meanwhile I will do other stuff, maybe. I have geekie stuff in mind, and in my ToDo list, and in post-its around the screen at my job, where a bunch of people type science silently, not looking each other, and any attempt to become social beings is shushed, leaving us into a state of “Damn-it I got the wrong job! I should have applied for civil servant!”.

Anyway, here is the page 6.

A reveure!

Barbarian Story (p5)

Time to do “The Evil”!

Hop! This week I had time to draw something! After an intense month preparing a research paper (wish it is accepted), this week became “relax time”, tiding up every experiment, every file, checking that what I submitted was correct (again)…

I have a note in google keep with a list of pages I came up for this story. Let’s see how much far I arrive. Still, this story has no name yet.

Barbarian Story (p4)

Back again, having some time to do stuff! I have more pages in mind! Also lots of comics in mind! And most of them about science and geeky stuff! Because, hey… why not!

About this comic, I plan to make a full story. At this time this is just the preface. Also I still have no definitive title, so I appeal for any comment about it.

A reveure!