The Teaser / The Cartoons

The teaser – In the previous post I indicated I made a comic about the double-meanings of the “The Cartoons” songs.

That comic was meant for here, but after finishing it I realized it was kind of NSFW and hard to censure. I drew the “introduction” and “big coconuts” scenes first, easily to be put here; but then I found out all the other songs with kinky content, then started drawing, and finally realizing that SFW-ing everything was hard and not pleasant… And I want to keep this blog the most PG13 as possible, as I am looking for putting some comics with “family friendly” content in the future.

Luckily I have my blog where I put stuff, and where nobody except for me decides what to put and not. In case you missed the link, I made this teaser, and put the link again >>>HERE (+18)<<<.

BUT NOW… that we’re on the backup blog… The real deal:

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