Comic idea and sketch

I had an idea for a story the other day: A typical story of barbarians and wizards, full of topics and cliches, but the hypertrophied protagonist decides to quit and so everyone with a classic role gets bent as the story can not progress as expected.

I already started a 3 page intro (and I have a lack of “backgrounds” technique… should research).

By the way, Happy Christmas/Festivity!

Animation Attempt

First attempt at animation. Frame by frame, at 6 frames per second.

Actually, it has not been a good idea to check out my dashboard before uploading this. With all the amazing animations that people do and upload, now I feel quite ashamed… But well, let’s be glad there are amazing people sharing wonders around the Internet to learn from!

Back to the Faculty of Adventures

Tomorrow I return again to FIB, the Faculty of Informatics where I was for long time and I left seeking for fortune and glory. As fortune and glory are a mere illusion for people to spend their lives chasing chimeras, trusting on the nonexistent and relying on the unworthy, I return to where I belonged all along, to do Science and Wonders again.

I thought this would be a good occasion to rescue a drawing I had in my oldies folder since last year. I thought to redraw it entirely as I don’t like anything I draw from yesterday, but better release it now.

Reference for The Flower Kings HERE (they are awesome and love!)

I am Back In The Faculty of Adventures!