Now you are a squirrel girl!

All yours!

Surprise reaction poses (in case you weren’t a squirrel, or a girl, or really curvy).

I wanted to draw more pose and reaction stuff, and I started a series with the awakening shock of a guy turned into a curvy squirrel girl, passing through the those “stages of grief” (“surprise”, “denial”, “anger”, “bargain”, “sadness”, “acceptance”, …). Here’s the surprise and denial ones to begin with.

I stumbled some time ago with a panel from a guy called Terai Daikichi with the first reaction pose (Pixiv:, and I wanted to “furry it up”. Then I did some homework going through the Internet across media and fanfiction, and discovered that this “gender/body/identity swap” topic is actually an extremely popular genre, far from popular shows and movies like “Ranma ½”, “Your name”, “Freaky Friday”, etc. Finally I got lost inside tvtropes reading about this topic and related tropes.

Note: To protect you, oh viewers, from the vision of naked furry girls, and keep this place SFW, I “bikinized” those panels with complete nudity.

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