100 Posts in Tumblr

A few posts ago it was post 100!!! – Yeah! I wanted to do this sooner (this is, coinciding with post 100, or 101 at most)

So, Tumblr reminded me that I blogged the post 100, so I wanted to celebrate. Also to give thanks to all the bots that follow me (also to that human that also does!). I hope that all of you enjoy the stuff I upload, I’m sorry for the “can’t-draw-better” thing, and I’m sorry for not putting all the drawings I wanted to do.

Special thanks to those 3 guys that always like the OC stuff!

Also, just declare that I have a bunch of drawings, often for practice of poses and things, that I didn’t upload yet because I haven’t decided yet a policy on NSFW things (most of them are artistic nudes towards character drafts). This is not trivial as you know how Internet, work, things… are. Also I don’t want to drop this kind of things in front of you without warning. I’ll tell you when I decide what to do.