Now you are a squirrel girl! Scene #2 (revisited)

Surprise! You are indeed a big squirrel girl!

Second scene of the “Squirrel Girl awakening”, fixing the tail, head sizes, also adding different clothes (I definitively can’t draw clothes…), etc. If I don’t publish now I’ll keep fixing stupid details… As I’m already messing with the continuity of the story, here are two versions, with clothes and without.

The first version was published here (Check HERE). And I’m working now on fixing the third scene.

2 thoughts on “Now you are a squirrel girl! Scene #2 (revisited)”

  1. I adore this sequence! (To be completely honest, I somewhat wish I were in the squirrel’s position!) Any estimate on when you expect to finish updating Part 3?

    1. Thanks pal! 😀
      I’m working on part 3, although the little free time I have for this makes it slow :_( But it will come soon! (Hope in coming weeks!)

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