Now you are a squirrel girl! Scene #3.3

What AM I now?! This can’t be real!

Third (point three) scene of the “Squirrel Girl awakening”, continuation of the third scene. She still can’t believe what happened nor what she’s seeing/feeling!

Wanted to post it two months ago, but every time I saw it I felt to change dimensions and things! So now, that’s how it remains. Here’s the two versions, clothed and unclothed. And I’m drawing a fourth, and I hope it won’t take that much time to publish…! (Sorry!)

See you all! :3

6 thoughts on “Now you are a squirrel girl! Scene #3.3”

      1. 1) I’m always keen when it comes to curvaceous sciurine ladies!

        2) So, uh, any further updates on progress? Please forgive me if I’m being a nuisance or pestering you with these; I’m just really happy with this sequence.

        1. Good! XD

          Don’t worry, this way I remember that at some point I should dedicate time to finish the work! :_D I have the problem of “planning during the day the projects I’ll continue after work, then finding myself with no energy to do anything in the evening”. I have the next piece almost ready since August…!

          1. I probably sound like a dusty record at this point, but have you had any opportunity to work on 3.4 lately?

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