Now you are a squirrel girl! Scene #3.1 (revisited)

Nooo! Why…?! F*ck!

Third scene of the “Squirrel Girl awakening”, fixing clothes and proportions, trying to fix continuity, etc… And again, as always, I still would try to fix many things, but then I’d never finish. Here are the two versions, with and without clothes.

The first version was published here (Check HERE). And I’m working on fixing the fourth scene, also on a “3.2” scene (inserting stuff before the fourth).

3 thoughts on “Now you are a squirrel girl! Scene #3.1 (revisited)”

    1. Hi! I have the drafts (lots of), but I need some quiet moment to ink stuff. Also, I’m on travel these days and limited means 🙁 But don’t despair!

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