Created a Twitter account!

OK, so… I created a Twitter account, that will run in parallel to my Tumblr blogs, in case this finally goes south. I’ll keep Tumblr running until THE END©, or until I get shot down for any reason.

My dear readers (bots included): I’ll keep posting stuff and receiving replies here at Tumblr as always. But just in case that, follow me on twitter:


The account is brand new, and soon I’ll start to pour the contents, for both SenseTomàquet and JRS-Comics!!!

Also, I still have my self-hosted Home-Blog for JRS in Spanish, and I’ll probably back-up the Tumblr content into another blog at “Home-Blog”.

Finally, in case I decide to open an account in popular and stable social networks (e.g. deviantart or furaffinity), I’ll tell you!

Thanks for your attention, and have a good night.

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